The Dark Angels are a come and go crew. They create then disappear like street art. Their works exist in fragments, particles that float, dust motes that spin before the wind that blows them to faraway places. They are individuals that work as one. Deep as oceans, as impenetrable as the night. Art urchins and poets, they dissolve before they form. They are the Dark Angels, they are discharge. They are a bloody mouthful.

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Truth In Easy To Manage Stages

i guess we all know what the truth is don't we?

you know, that little thing that lies somewhere between fantasy and fiction. the place where politico's hang out (m.p.'s and statesmen, liberals, democrats, businessmen, religious leaders et al).

they swing and spin that ball, the one they idly toss you when you leave the womb, and say hey boy CATCH. and you, with open eyed wonder hold your hands out.

i suppose, from a very warped perspective, it could be seen as amusing. all that dodging about like hamsters on a wheel and all in aid to eat and drink and sleep but tell me, what is so fucking funny?
is it the camaraderie of poverty that makes us cling together like survivors of a ship wreck holding fast to pieces of flotsam that go nowhere fast.

no i suspect not.

i suspect it has something more to do with greasy poles and ladders and the belief that one day ALL people will be just like us. driving four wheeled gas guzzlers that spit out noxious poison and have air cons rattling away like deep sea diver lungs replacing hot air with cool whilst a huge fucking hole hangs over us like the sword of damocles.

it stands to reason doesn't it? what is fair for one MUST be fair for all?

uh uh, you are missing the point girls and boys. NOW SIT UP AND TAKE NOTES!

this desperate race is only going one place and it is getting there damn fast.
it isn't the now, the why for or how that turns all futures into the past.
it isn't the deceits, cash register receipts that grow with increasing alarm.
it is the more than less that leaves you to guess why we're chained to this human farm.

that's it kiddies, that is the bottom line. not the bottom line of commerce that deals with net and gross and margins but the bottom line of us.

we are the bottom line and our margins have been so reduced by the thought of so much that we have just left the path, we have fallen off the cliff face.

welcome to forever.

welcome to paradise.

title required

Amidst British,
Cuba dextrose ago,
Campanile dogleg.

Acyclic Armageddon arbiter
Axiomatic counterpoise conjure
Deferrable colligate allegation

Backsides are buds
Commodious Alicia decision

palavers climatic cater befitting.
Cormorant aerate directrix desolater
Bodybuilding ambitious chipboard

Lay Your Spell On Me

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Can't wait for Full Moon...

"Wolfman's Claw"

4x6" pencil on sketchpad

It seems that Vampires have adroitly ensconced themselves in our modern world and you should be on guard--they're everywhere, as lushly pointed out by Babalith below. I wanted to find the parallel to werewolves but searching came up dry, and I'm too tired to extrapolate . . . unless . . . a beefy rude fellow rushes through the narrow locker aisle at work, knocking people aside left and right, again today. I wanted--fantasized breaking his legs and gouging out his eyes before breaking his neck. Maybe werewolves are mal-adapted country bumpkins compared to the suave, insidious blood suckers, cursed to exist only in isolated solitary outbursts. Or in the military, or the police force, or the prisons--holy shit! They are everywhere too!

I don't know. I told you I was too tired. Anyways, here's some cool stuff I did find on the internet:


Howling at the Moon: Modern-day Lycanthropy.

I thought Benicio Del Toro looked a lot like Lon Chaney Jr., in that recent movie. Loved it.
thigmatropist undersing

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


"True Blood," of course, is fiction.

The difficulty we encounter from these mass-marketed books and films
occurs when individuals unwittingly stumble across the real vampire

Wearing a designer scent like Blood Concept, however, could help soften
a vampire's image and add a little primal vigor at the same time.

While the Milan-based designers concede that Blood Concept may make
some squeamish, they maintain that their perfumes have nothing to do
with blood lust.

"Blood Concept is just a celebration of human life through an
interpretation of its evolutionary process,"

Hello, I am a sanguinarian so I thought i would just introduce myself to you.

and who lurk at the edges
of the community in hopes of attracting potential victims of any age or
background for physical, sexual, mental, or emotional abuse.
You should not be afraid to report such to law enforcement and remove yourselves immediately from
the abusive situation.




We all live by authoritarian social structures if our sorcerieties have courts and prisons and armies. Democracy is majority rule.... the suppression of those with the most silent voices; laws are there to suppress those who wish to live by other standards.... try strolling down your high-street naked or entering a private arrangement with a friend to buy or sell heroin or marrying two people. It may begin with the individual but it quickly transforms into a systemic effect and exponential expansion cast onto the whole of society.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

item #0066

re. your last message. your lies, it seems, are unlimited and my usage in them seems as boundless. quite obviously you are keen to focus your degraded logic, like a missile, upon my greater experience of the kind of life you say you wish to live. i say again: i do not believe you. you keep coming back, yet you will find no satisfaction in anything i say to your questions, and i will not answer them. after this message i will block you, and i will leave unopened all the other messages you send via your numerous fake profiles and proxy addresses. this really is a matter for authority, and if you push this further i will scream your house down. i will say this ... everything is otherwise, nothing is driven by any selfless majority or longing to prepare unconditional extensions from your supposed freewill. i may range too narrowly, and i know i am kept unclad in the animal confines of the exploited, but i equally know confidence is neither beloved nor useful. you are not fearless as you assume - neither are you feared. you simply have your three names. 

syri r

Thursday, 21 April 2011


-/ squeezed into a bodysuits-/

Ruela slightly manipulated by kOLya


Hic sumus nec vivus, nec defunctus. Larvae cadunt. Fugiamus somnia, translucens carnem corporis. Vivemus adult integras prole vitam animae. In corpore fervet. Amisimus habitum explicandis motus. Arena stridens oculorum auriumque. Transiit poetica dicunt non relinquat aliquod verum. Femora immolabat ardeat sed non devenitur fumo deos. Fractus cruentaque articulos muro clavi motum. Fecal auris. Finibus Pessimismus.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Declaration (Wetly In The Numb)

Revealing the muscle that wetly shone

The scalpel ran swift under the skin

The needle slipped in under the thumb

The flesh was paired down to the bone
It left no mark leaving them numb